Seashell Angel Christmas Ornaments

These pretty seashell angel ornaments measure approx. 8cm (3 inches) long by 8cm (3 inches) across. No two angels can be exactly the same, as no two seashells are ever the same. If you like a Rustic Look, these are the Angels for you! You can find these here…

Seashell Angel Wings

Abalone & seashell angel wings for home decor. They are approximately 12″ x 14″ and made from silver abalone and a starfish. Silver abalone have a beautiful irredescent color to them and are just beautiful on these wings.

Sand and Seashell Candle Holders

Bring a touch of the beach to any room in your house with these sand and seashell glass candlesticks. We’ve repurposed these beautiful blue wineglasses to make these beach-themed candleholders. Each candleholder contains white beach sand and a handful of shells sealed within ...

Artist Creates Amazing Animal Sculptures From Found Seashells at the Beach

  Collecting shells on the beach can be a nice relaxing activity, but for Anna Chan is a medium through which she expresses her artistic vision. She is a New York-based artist, who discovered her passion as a land art maker during the COVID-19 lockdown. Chan is a professional ...

Seashells Turned into Trinket Dishes

Finding new mediums and canvases is an intriguing task for contemporary artists and many of them choose to express themselves in unconventional ways. From painting on teabags to leaves and other unexpected objects, artists are in constant search of reinventing themselves and art. ...

Seashell Dog Ornaments

Do you already have all the paint, brushes, glitter, wiggly eyes, string, bells & whistles to make this seashell bear ornament all your own? Great! Then, this fully and securely assembled, primed, and ready-to-paint ornament is just for you! The ornament is made from

Seashell Christmas Tree – Natural Limpet Shells

Blue Green Limpet Shells make an adorable coastal Christmas Tree. Finished with a padded base and plastic bumpers. This would make a great gift for the beach lovers on your list! Cute and perfect!

Seashell Christmas Tree

What do you think about this gorgeous Seashell Christmas Tree?. This is made by Kristin and is sold on etsy. We’re excited to share this beach-inspired DIY seashell Christmas tree craft using your seashell collection that you’ll want to display every holiday season. Each tree ...

Fairy Seashell Fountain

This seashell fountain is so cute! A perfect accent to any miniature fairy garden or terrarium. This is available in the link below. What do you think?
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