Anywhere With UEV-440 Caravan


Do you think camper trailers are some stiff and dull vehicles you attach to your car and force you to drive slowly to the desired destination? When you see the UEV-440 and what it can do, you will instantly change your mind. It has the usual benefits of a camper trailer, but at its best equipment. Besides the fact the hard roof, floor and sides of the UEV-440 give it a rough posture and extra durability, making it perfect for off-road travelling, along with high maneuverability. The trailer caravan may be tough on the outside, but the inside has a high functionality and comfort you would want with a camper trailer. Sleeping arrangements are included, together with interior heating and AC, as well as shower capability. The surprises don’t stop there. You will be amazed to find a full kitchen, including microwave and cutlery in the UEV-440. The fridge and flat screen DVD player will make it perfect for your next adventure trip.¬†Built to go anywhere!!!




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