Artist Leaves Beautiful Handmade Pottery in Nature for People To Find and Keep

Kim Press, a Texas-based artist affiliated with Sailing Adrift Studios, has embarked on a heartwarming and whimsical mission to spread joy through her craft. Known for her handmade pottery, Press has started to leave her creations in unexpected places for unsuspecting individuals to stumble upon and keep. This artful act of kindness transforms public spaces into impromptu galleries, and the lucky finders become instant recipients of Press’s thoughtful and beautiful creations. Her unique approach not only infuses a touch of art into the everyday lives of those who chance upon it but also fosters a sense of connection and surprise within the community.

Sailing Adrift Studios, under the creative guidance of Kim Press, echoes a philosophy of sharing creativity and fostering a sense of communal joy. By adding thoughtful little notes to every creation, Press transforms the act of discovery into a memorable experience, blurring the lines between artist and audience. This unconventional and altruistic approach to art not only enriches the lives of those who encounter Press’s pieces but also serves as a reminder that unexpected moments of joy and beauty can still happen in the world.

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