Artists Merge Thread Painting With the Japanese Art of Kintsugi on Vintage Plates

The fusion of thread painting and the Japanese art of Kintsugi on vintage plates by artists Katerina Marchenko and Artashes Sardarian is a testament to the transformative power of collaboration. The artists seamlessly blend Marchenko’s delicate embroidery on tulle with Sardarian’s expertise in Kintsugi, creating enchanting mixed-media pieces. Using vintage plates as their canvas, the duo employs a combination of materials, including embroidery thread and gold, to produce intricate works of art. In these creations, Marchenko’s embroidered eyes and hands emerge through punctured holes in the ceramic, forming a delicate dance between fragility and resilience. Sardarian skilfully applies the ancient technique of Kintsugi, fusing the shattered pieces together with gold, and turning the brokenness into a beautiful mosaic.

The artistic collaboration extends beyond the physical realm, as Sardarian poetically expresses, “From brokenness to beauty: just like these plates, even shattered souls can be mended with the gold of kindness.” Marchenko adds depth to the narrative on her Instagram, interpreting the collection as a metaphor for rejuvenating the old and forgotten. Her thread painting not only breathes new life into the vintage plates but also serves as a portal into a world of change and new possibilities. The branches surrounding the fragmented ceramics symbolize the transformative power of breaking through the boundaries of time, embodying a narrative of resilience, beauty, and the potential for renewal.

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