These Retro Campers Are Made With a Functioning Row Boat That Doubles as The Roof

If you like being on the road and living a modern nomad life, this camper is exactly what you’ll need to drive you places. It is a camper with a beautiful retro design and was built in honor of an older design from the 1960s.

This camper’s origins can be dated back to Washington and a company named the Tow-Row Company and its uniqueness lies in its roof that can be turned into a rowboat.
When this cool design was discovered by The American Dream Trailer company from Portland, Oregon, they decided to build a modern version of it.
Their cozy little campers are all made from fiberglass and have enough space for 2 people to sleep in. The furniture inside is all modular and foldable, so the bedroom area can be easily turned into seating, eating, and even a working area.
The camper has an 8 x 4-foot frame and weighs 650 lbs., and its roof can be easily detached if you want to go rowing on a lake. Unfortunately, the company is closed now, but tutorials on the Internet suggest that you can build a boat-camper at home…

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