Former Carriage Horse Finds New Life at Sanctuary in California

The transformative journey of Aslan, a former carriage horse, at The Gentle Barn Sanctuary in California is a heartwarming testament to the crucial work undertaken by animal sanctuaries. Having spent his entire life pulling carts and carriages as a Percheron draft horse, Aslan’s body began to deteriorate from the years of strenuous labor, ultimately leading him to an auction destined for slaughter. Fortunately, The Gentle Barn Sanctuary intervened, rescuing Aslan and providing him with a second chance at life. After a week of essential veterinary care, including dental work, podiatry, and bodywork, Aslan emerged from a state where he could barely stand on his own to a horse reveling in newfound freedom. Now thriving in the sanctuary’s care, Aslan spends his days frolicking in sunny, green pastures and nights nestled in his barn with a warm blanket. The holistic approach to his well-being includes weekly visits from a specialized veterinarian, who administers acupuncture, massage therapy, and chiropractic treatments.

Aslan, once a symbol of abuse and neglect, has transformed into a picture of strength, health, and undeniable happiness, showcasing the profound impact sanctuaries like The Gentle Barn can have on the lives of rescued animals. For those inspired by Aslan’s story and eager to contribute to the mission of animal sanctuaries, there are various ways to make a meaningful difference. Volunteering offers hands-on opportunities to support local rescues through tasks like animal socialization, cleaning, grooming, and administrative work. Additionally, sponsoring an animal, such as Aslan, provides financial support for ongoing care, including food, supplies, and veterinary bills. Every act of kindness, whether through volunteering, sponsoring, or other forms of support, contributes to improving the lives of animals in need, and sanctuaries deeply appreciate the dedication of those passionate about making a positive impact.

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