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The Folk and Flora Lighting Collection, envisioned by the talented artist and vintage curator Carmen Nash, presents an exquisite blend of earthy sophistication and timeless illumination. Nash’s creative journey, influenced by her exposure to luxury design and rooted in her spirituality and Black Southern heritage, has resulted in a collection that seamlessly weaves together elements of folk art stories and personal storytelling. The eight lamps within the collection are crafted from a harmonious mix of natural materials, including abaca and terracotta, creating a visual tapestry that reflects Nash’s unique design perspective. Each lamp, a visual narrative in itself, evokes emotions and thoughts, bridging the gap between art and function.

Among the standout pieces in the Folk and Flora Collection are four distinct lamps that showcase the range and depth of Nash’s design prowess. Morri, paying tribute to novelist Toni Morrison, features a charred wood lamp base with a twisting neck and a woven natural abaca string shade, creating an unexpectedly inviting ambiance. Seyla embraces the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, with its hand-sculpted Ancient Terracotta body and a woven abaca shade that balances material and aesthetics. Pecola, inspired by folk art, boasts graphic etchings, curves, and a large ash ceramic base, resembling a cherished treasure. Soloma, named after Toni Morrison’s “Song of Solomon,” captivates with its sculptural form crafted entirely from Artisan White ceramic, and the irregular edge of the dome-shaped shade adds a regal touch when illuminated. The Folk and Flora Collection transcends conventional lighting, becoming an artful expression that resonates with beauty and meaning.

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Beautiful Minimalist Wooden Sauna Called Arbor V From Heartwood Saunas Sat, 06 Jan 2024 18:16:49 +0000

Heartwood Saunas introduces the Arbor V outdoor sauna, a harmonious blend of traditional design and contemporary aesthetics, providing a tranquil sanctuary for relaxation. With its classic cedar shingle twin-pitched roof and modern glass front, the Arbor saunas offer a private yet expansive cabin-style haven. The emphasis on creating a connection with nature is evident through the full-height glass wall, central frameless hinged door, and post-box style windows along the side walls. This design choice allows for a panoramic view, enabling occupants to immerse themselves in the serenity of their surroundings, whether it’s the tranquility of a garden or a broader scenic landscape. The small porch not only frames the view but also offers cover and privacy.

Designed with versatility in mind, the Arbor V sauna is a peaceful retreat during the day, flooded with natural light through the glass wall and extended windows. The interior features clean lines and warm tones of vertical internal cladding, complemented by rounded benches with elegant fanned corners, creating a visually striking and inviting space. The sauna comfortably accommodates up to five people or offers the option for two people to lie down, ensuring a flexible and inclusive experience. Equipped with a HUUM sauna stove, the Arbor V combines modern convenience with traditional warmth. With features like subtle warm white LED down-lighting, overhanging porch area with towel hooks, and a thermally modified poplar internal cladding, this outdoor sauna provides a luxurious and inviting escape. Priced at £35,000 + VAT, the Arbor V from Heartwood Saunas represents a premium option for those seeking a high-quality and beautifully crafted outdoor sauna experience.  

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Out of the Valley Clads Prefabricated Forest Sauna in Charred Wood Sat, 06 Jan 2024 18:01:03 +0000

Out of the Valley, an innovative architecture studio, has unveiled its first prefabricated sauna named Forest Sauna in Devon, England. The sauna is designed to promote the Scandinavian tradition of sauna bathing and offers a retreat in the heart of nature. Elevated on metal supports and clad in charred black larch using the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, the six-square-meter Forest Sauna integrates seamlessly into its surroundings. The prefabricated structure features a large square window framing views of the adjacent forest, emphasizing a connection with nature.

Founder Rupert McKelvie and his team at Out of the Valley crafted the Forest Sauna with a simple timber structure, clad in planks of charred larch. Inside, the sauna is lined with thermo alder wood, a popular choice for saunas, creating a calming atmosphere. The glass door provides easy access, and the interior includes two wooden benches flanking a central heater, which customers can choose to be either wood-fired or electric. The sauna’s portability is a key feature, allowing owners to relocate it easily, aligning with the studio’s commitment to adaptability and a harmonious integration with the landscape.

Out of the Valley’s Forest Sauna joins a collection of handmade cabins and shelters from the studio, each contributing to the ethos of embracing nature and escaping the demands of contemporary living. With Forest Sauna, Out of the Valley not only brings the Scandinavian tradition to the UK but also introduces a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design, offering a tranquil space for relaxation immersed in the beauty of the natural environment.

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Simple Design Ideas of Mixing and Matching Your Sofa Pillows Thu, 09 Nov 2023 14:50:54 +0000

If you’re looking to bring some small improvements to your living room, adding eye-catching accessories can be a good start. The easiest way to change the outlook of your living room is to add some carefully curated pillows to your sofa. You can always go freestyle and match them according to your mood, but design hacks might also come in handy. For instance, start the makeover by choosing a color palette that is already present in your space. This way, you can establish a base color and add a pillow that comes in one or two complementary colors. This base color can be your sofa or another centerpiece from your room.

Then, you can play around with textures by mixing them to create depth and showcase your unique personality. You can always mix and match different sizes of pillows to create a cozy and welcoming space for your family and guests. And if you’re feeling bold enough, you can introduce a few unusual patterns and mix plain pillows with colorful and eccentric fabrics. The most important thing to keep in mind is that redesigning your home should be a fun activity, and you can always ask for help from family and friends.

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Dachshund Dog Coffee Table Tue, 26 Sep 2023 02:07:34 +0000

Wiener Dog Coffee Table

More ideas:

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Rustic Waterfall Tables Wed, 02 Aug 2023 17:06:06 +0000

Introducing these extraordinary rustic waterfall tables, a truly exceptional and unmatched piece of furniture that exudes exclusivity and impeccable artistry. This one-of-a-kind table is meticulously crafted with the highest quality wood and materials, ensuring its status as a unique masterpiece that cannot be replicated.

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Ocean Wave Table Wed, 02 Aug 2023 16:45:56 +0000

Оcean epoxy resin tables will fancy those who constantly miss the fresh ocean breeze when forever stuck behind the desk!
Liven up those endless homeworking hours with this lovely epoxy table beautifully adorned with beach imagery. Being a perfect combination of natural wood and turquoise epoxy resin, these living room tables will always remind of celestial blue and white foamy waves crashing the golden shore every time you take a sip of coffee or have a home lunch break!
Due to reliable construction and durable materials used, these ocean epoxy resin tables are there to stand the test of time in your home for years to come.
This Ocean Wave Table is available in the link below…

Find it HERE…

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This Super Soft Throw Blanket Sofa Looks Like The Most Cozy Couch Ever Thu, 29 Jun 2023 00:41:23 +0000

The soft throw blanket sofa offers a delightful combination of comfort and style, resembling a cozy couch while providing the warmth and coziness of a soft throw blanket. This innovative piece of furniture, advertised by American Furniture Warehouse on Facebook, represents a new trend in home decor that caters to those seeking both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The throw blanket sofa adds a touch of relaxation and luxury to any living space, creating a cozy haven where one can curl up and unwind. American Furniture Warehouse’s promotion of the soft throw blanket sofa highlights its unique design and versatility. This trendsetting furniture piece not only enhances the visual appeal of a room but also provides practicality and comfort.

The soft throw blanket sofa invites individuals to snuggle up with a book or enjoy a movie night, enveloped in the warmth and softness of a blanket-like upholstery. The best part is that it also comes with an integrated cup holder so you don’t need to worry about spilling your drink.
With its combination of style, comfort, and functionality, the soft throw blanket sofa represents a new wave of furniture trends that blend fashion and coziness to create inviting and invitingly comfortable living spaces.

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This Hippo Ottoman Might Be The Cutest Addition To A Kids Room Mon, 18 Jul 2022 21:23:22 +0000

Hippos are such majestic creatures, and a lot of children consider them their favorite animals. If you’re looking for a cool furniture piece in your kid’s room or simply your home, this hippo ottoman should do the trick. It will most definitely be the center of attention when friends come to visit, and everyone will want to rest their feet on it.

The hippopotamus ottoman also has a hidden storage space, and it comes in different colors and shapes. It would be such a cool addition to a child’s room as you could also install a reading corner and store the books inside the hippo ottoman. You can even store a small blanket inside, and the hippo ottoman will quickly become your child’s favorite toy as well. When ordering it, you can choose between two options, one with a storage unit and one without, and the ottoman measures 25.6 x 13.78 x 14.57 inches.
You can purchase it from the link below…


Find it HERE…

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