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In the picturesque village of Greccio, nestled on a cliffside in Umbria, Italy, Christmas is not confined to a single season but a year-round affair. Greccio holds a unique claim to fame as the birthplace of the world’s first nativity scene, created by St. Francis of Assisi in 1223. The village, home to around 1,500 residents, is tranquil most of the year, immersed in its agricultural surroundings and the beech and oak forest where wild boar freely roam. However, during the festive weeks of December, Greccio transforms as it welcomes visitors from across the globe who embark on a pilgrimage to experience the legacy of St. Francis.

For Christians worldwide, Greccio is a significant stop on the pilgrimage route dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, a revered Catholic friar known for his deep connection with nature and his belief in voluntary poverty. The village becomes a hub of activity during December, attracting over 100,000 pilgrims and tourists eager to witness the enchanting nativity scenes that adorn the town. From miniature displays intricately nestled into the brickworks of walls to larger exhibits showcased in front of hotels and guesthouses, Greccio’s festive spirit and historical significance make it a destination that transcends the traditional boundaries of the Christmas season.

The heart of Greccio beats with the spirit of St. Francis, and the legacy of the first nativity scene remains a cherished tradition for the villagers and the multitude of visitors who come to marvel at the artistry and storytelling that unfold in this timeless Italian village.

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Edmonton Christmas Tree Rental: a Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Christmas Trees Sun, 24 Dec 2023 09:59:07 +0000

In Edmonton, Alberta, a unique holiday trend is gaining popularity as Farlinger Farms in Strathcona County offers an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional Christmas tree options. For the second consecutive year, the farm is providing residents with the opportunity to rent living Christmas trees for $50, mitigating the guilt associated with the traditional fate of cut trees—being discarded in landfills after the holiday season. Mike Farlinger, the owner of Farlinger Farms, emphasizes the sustainability aspect of the initiative, stating that these are live Christmas trees that can be rented out year after year, contributing to the reduction of Christmas tree waste in landfills.

The rental process involves taking home a living tree with a fabric pot and soil, allowing individuals to keep it as a house plant for up to 24 days. Rather than searching for the perfect tree to cut down or buy from a lot, people can now embrace a more eco-friendly and temporary approach to holiday decorations. In its second year, the program has already seen significant interest, with approximately 70 trees rented out so far in the current season. Farlinger Farms’ initiative not only offers a sustainable alternative but also highlights the growing awareness and desire among consumers to make environmentally responsible choices during the festive season. Hopefully, more cities around the world will start embracing similar sustainable Christmas initiatives.

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An Oklahoma Man Put Up Christmas Lights for His Whole Neighborhood Sat, 23 Dec 2023 20:15:12 +0000

In the city of Bixby, Oklahoma, Stephen Dunkelberg took it upon himself to spread holiday cheer by adorning his entire neighborhood with Christmas lights. Last year, Dunkelberg, the owner of a landscaping company, noticed the lack of festive decorations on his street while driving home during the holiday season. Determined to bring a touch of merriment to his community, Dunkelberg sought permission from his neighbors and embarked on a mission to illuminate all but two homes on his street. The only exceptions were a vacant rental property and a residence whose owners were temporarily away.

Undeterred by the previous year’s challenges, Dunkelberg decided to amplify the festive spirit in 2023. This time, he and his team went above and beyond, meticulously decorating all 22 houses on his street over two full weekends. Despite moments of doubt and exhaustion during the decoration process, Dunkelberg’s commitment to brightening his Bixby neighborhood’s holiday season prevailed. Reflecting on the effort, the 31-year-old Dunkelberg expressed initial reservations but ultimately found the sight of the entire street aglow with festive lights to be immensely rewarding. His dedication and festive spirit have undoubtedly made a lasting impact on the tight-knit community.

Stephen Dunkelberg’s initiative serves as a heartwarming example of how one individual’s efforts can bring joy and unity to an entire neighborhood. In the spirit of the season, Dunkelberg’s willingness to go the extra mile not only transformed his street into a festive wonderland but also fostered a sense of community spirit and shared celebration among his neighbors in Bixby, Oklahoma.

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Attention, Muggles! These Harry Potter Candles Are Perfect for Christmas Mon, 18 Dec 2023 21:07:08 +0000

For Harry Potter enthusiasts seeking a touch of magic and nostalgia this Christmas, the Homesick x Harry Potter candles collection offers an enchanting olfactory experience. This collaboration combines the expertise of Homesick, known for their evocative scented candles that capture the essence of different locations and memories, with the beloved wizarding world of Harry Potter. The collection features several candles, each carefully crafted to transport Potterheads to specific moments and places within the series. With unique fragrances reminiscent of iconic locations such as Platform 9 3/4, Quidditch Pitch, and Diagon Alley, these candles provide a sensory journey through the enchanting realms created by J.K. Rowling.

This magical candle collection not only appeals to fans’ love for the Wizarding World but also adds a festive and cozy touch to holiday celebrations. The scents are designed to evoke the warmth of familiar settings, making them a perfect addition to Christmas festivities for Harry Potter aficionados. Whether it’s the comforting aroma of pumpkin pastries or the invigorating scent of Quidditch field grass, the Homesick x Harry Potter candles collection is a delightful and immersive way for fans to infuse their homes with the essence of the beloved series during the holiday season. Prices start from $33 on the Homesick website.

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These Personalized Witty Soaps from Whiskey River Soap Co. Are The Perfect Christmas Present Mon, 04 Dec 2023 20:27:43 +0000

Whiskey River Soap Co. has brought a delightful twist to the world of personal care with its collection of soaps featuring hilarious and witty messages. From sassy slogans to tongue-in-cheek remarks, the company offers a soap for virtually any personality or occasion you can imagine. These whimsically packaged soaps make for the perfect funny and personalized Christmas presents, injecting humor and character into a daily routine. Whether it’s a soap for the perpetually exhausted, the caffeine enthusiast, or the eternal optimist, Whiskey River Soap Co’s diverse range ensures that there’s a comical cleansing companion for everyone on your holiday list.

Expanding beyond its original soap offerings, Whiskey River Soap Co. has ventured into the realm of candles, further amplifying its unique and humorous take on self-care. The company’s candles, much like their soaps, feature clever labels and scents that add an extra layer of amusement to the olfactory experience. This evolution into candles broadens the horizons of their product line, providing customers with an even more extensive array of humorous and charming options for gifting or personal enjoyment. With Whiskey River Soap Co, bath time and relaxation are not just about cleansing; they’re an opportunity for laughter and levity. Visit their website for more options and choose the most suitable personalized witty message for your family and friends.


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The LEGO Christmas Tree and Wreath Is the Ultimate 2-in-1 Holiday Decor to Assemble with Your Family Sun, 03 Dec 2023 13:06:35 +0000

Get ready to deck the halls with the festive spirit of LEGO’s Christmas Wreath and Tree sets, an ideal addition to your holiday decorations. These charming sets are perfect for capturing the magic of the season, allowing you to embrace the joy of building and celebrating with loved ones. The LEGO Christmas Tree, comprising a whopping 784 pieces, stands as a beautiful centerpiece that can be prominently displayed in your home. With its 2-in-1 rebuild option, you can choose between a classic green fir tree or a smaller version with candles, adding a touch of versatility to your festive décor.

Complementing the Christmas Tree, the LEGO Christmas Wreath is a delightful creation with 510 pieces that offers a unique twist to traditional holiday wreaths. Crafted with attention to detail, this wreath can be customized to suit your style, making it a wonderful DIY project for family and friends to enjoy together. The 2-in-1 rebuild feature allows you to switchbetween a classic door wreath or a festive table wreath design, ensuring that your decorations stay fresh and exciting year after year.

For the ultimate festive experience, you can snag both the LEGO Christmas Wreath and Tree as a bundle on Amazon for $138.99, providing an excellent value for those looking to elevate their holiday décor game. Whether purchased separately or together, these LEGO sets are a delightful way to infuse the warmth and creativity of the holiday season into your home, promising hours of joyful building and festive decorating for the whole family.

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Funny Coffee Mug is the Perfect Christmas Gift For Siblings Sun, 26 Nov 2023 20:38:51 +0000

For a Christmas gift that blends humor with sibling camaraderie, look no further than these delightful 11oz ceramic coffee mugs. Perfect for brothers, one mug sports the cheeky message: “Being Your Brother Seems Like Gift Enough…But Here’s a Mug.” The witty twist on the timeless bond between siblings adds a playful touch to the morning coffee routine, making it an ideal present for the brother who appreciates a good laugh and a strong cup of joe. The 11-ounce capacity ensures there’s ample space for your favorite brew, while the durable ceramic construction ensures longevity, making this mug a memorable and practical gift.

Sisters, too, can revel in the humor of the season with their own version of this charming mug. The companion mug boasts the equally entertaining message: “Being Your Sister Seems Like Gift Enough…But Here’s a Mug.” Whether it’s a shared moment of laughter during holiday gatherings or a daily reminder of the unique bond they share, this mug is a thoughtful Christmas gift that siblings will appreciate. The clever play on the “gift enough” sentiment adds a delightful twist to the holiday exchange, making these mugs the perfect festive surprise for brothers and sisters alike. The mugs can be purchased from both Amazon and Etsy.

Find it HERE…

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Adjustable Christmas Ornament Storage Bag Sat, 25 Nov 2023 20:30:41 +0000

We know that your Christmas ornaments are precious and often irreplaceable, which is why they should not be wedged between newspaper or piled in plastic bins. Not only does newspaper and tissue paper still lead to crushed and broken ornaments, but most papers, plastics, and fabrics also contain acidic chemicals that cause damage and discoloration to your seasonal tree ornaments.

The Telescoping Adjustable Christmas Ornament Storage Box holds up to 120 ornaments that are 4-inches tall and nearly any width/length thanks to the adjustable dividers in each tray. The five trays are lined with acid-free velor fabric that drapes over the adjustable rods to create protective air cushions that keep your ornaments from bumping into each other. This is available in the link below…

Find it HERE…

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This is how a Toddler decorates a Christmas tree Mon, 21 Dec 2020 21:38:33 +0000

Mom shares a funny photo of how her toddler decorated a Christmas Tree.

A mom posted a photo on Twitter showing how her 4-year-old daughter decorated her mother-in-law’s Christmas tree.


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