Darkened Plywood Coats REDUKT’s Mobile Tiny Cabin Offering an Off-Grid Retreat

Krystyna Filipiak, the designer behind REDUKT, introduces the Country REDUKT Tiny House—a mobile micro-hotel designed to offer an off-grid retreat on the forest edge. Since 2017, REDUKT has been a trailblazer in the European market for tiny houses on wheels, staying attuned to evolving trends in alternative lifestyles and the growing demand for tailored homes and unique short-term stay experiences. The compact 15 sqm cabin is a response to the increasing desire for alternative hotel accommodations in naturally scenic locations. The mobile tiny house, customized for Bento Houses, comes in two autumn-inspired color schemes. The first variant features light natural poplar plywood, creating an ascetic and airy interior. Contrastingly, the second house is adorned with darkened plywood, highlighting the wood’s natural grain and establishing a warm and cozy atmosphere. Both designs prioritize comfort, incorporating a king-sized bed, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom with a full-size shower.

Despite its small footprint, the Country REDUKT Tiny House places a strong emphasis on thermal comfort, utilizing a timber frame structure filled with thermal insulation, infrared floor foils, a wood-burning stove, and air conditioning. The thoughtful design maximizes every square meter, ensuring a comfortable living experience in a compact space. With its darkened plywood exterior, the second house seamlessly blends into the forest environment, creating a harmonious relationship with light and shadow. These mobile tiny houses not only provide an alternative retreat but also showcase REDUKT’s commitment to innovative design and sustainable living.

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