Exquisite Oil Paintings Capture the Beauty of Cloudy Skies

Ksenya Verse paints the most beautiful sky in her works and they are a great reminder of the wonders of life on Earth. Verse is an Arizona-based artist, who paints oil paintings, and the recurrent theme in her work is the sky and its elements.
Verse moved to the US from Russia when she was 19-years-old and she fell in love with the Arizona landscape. Her work focuses on the bond between humans and nature and explores the horizons of her hometown. Verse’s clouds look almost as if they are real, as she applies different layers of soft colors and plays around with light and shadow.
The sun’s light and how it reflects on the clouds is something that pops out instantly by looking at her work, and it gives each piece a unique glow. The sizes of the clouds are also a central element in Verse’s works, as she uses shapes and forms to create the impression of fluffy and soft clouds.
Her works can be admired on her Instagram account, but if you want to be the proud owner of a Verse, you can also purchase the artist’s work from her website.

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