Grandson Surprises Grandpa by Restoring 1954 Pickup Sitting Broken for 40 Years: ‘I never thought I’d live to see that’

Blake Kincheloe’s labor of love began with a simple idea: to breathe new life into his grandfather Richard Kincheloe’s beloved 1954 International Harvester pickup truck, affectionately named “Cannonball.” The truckoriginally purchased by Richard’s mother for “50 dollars and a hog,” had been a significant part of his life until it broke down, and spent the next 40 years as a decaying relic on his property. Blake, who cherished childhood memories of the old red pickupdecided it was time to transform Cannonball from a rusting, spider-infested shell into a fully functional vehicle. Taking the truck to C&J’s Classic Cars, Blake initially aimed for a simple brake update but soon found himself immersed in a comprehensive restoration project. This included everything from installing modern brake lights to improvising with a bathroom door latch to replace the unsalvageable door handle.

The culmination of Blake’s hard work and dedication arrived on a momentous day when he and his father drove the revitalized Cannonball down Richard’s driveway. The emotional reunion was captured in a heartwarming video, featuring the incredulous reaction of Richard. As the truck approached, a female voice prompted Richard to recognize the approaching vehicle. His astonished exclamation, “Well, I’ll be danged!” reflected a profound mix of surprise and joy. The priceless moment, best experienced firsthand through the video, highlights the deep bonds of family and the touching fulfillment of a long-held dream. Blake’s restoration of Cannonball not only brought a cherished piece of family history back to life but also created an unforgettable memory, showcasing the power of dedication and love across generations.

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