How To Make a Number Cake


Don’t you just find birthday cake candles ugly? They tend to come in many shapes and forms, but somehow they just don’t seem right. They’re either too big or small or just too colorful. So instead of using candles to indicate the number of the celebrated one, you should simply bake a cake that has the shape of a number. This way, when the invited ones will look at the cake they will know how old the birthday girl or boy is. The preparation is pretty simple, as the ingredients will be the same for every number. The directions are in the link below, but the visuals are still helpful. You can use candies, chocolate sprinkles or any other kind of decoration you want to make the cake even more special. Everyone is going to love this beautiful and original cake and you won’t have to worry about finding the right birthday candles anymore.


Number Cake Directions – Thats Life

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