Inflatable Hot Tub Solar Dome

Having a hot tub can be wonderful in the Winter when everything is cold and frozen around you, and you can simply enjoy the scenery from the steaming water. But placing your hot tub outdoors can have its risks, as rain or snowstorms can quickly turn the relaxing experience into a logistical nightmare.
Thanks to this Inflatable Hot Tub Solar Dome, you can pleasantly sit in your hot tub all year, without constantly checking the weather app on your phone. The dome is designed to sit on the ground while also covering the entire hot tub, and it can even be anchored in case of wind. It has a door that permits you to enter the covered area and will also help you maintain a constant temperature inside the hot tub without heat loss. You can simply use the pump provided with the dome to inflate it and just add some more air to it one time per week.
The Hot Tub Dome comes in 4 sizes, ranging from – 8 ft diameter, 10 ft diameter, 12 ft diameter, to 14 ft diameter, but it can also be customized according to your needs. This is available in the link below…

Find it HERE…


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