Insect Farm Hatches Plan for Greener Animal Feed for Chickens and Pigs

In recent years, the discourse surrounding sustainable food sources has prominently featured insect protein as a viable alternative, sparking curiosity and skepticism alike. However, a pioneering startup in the UK, Entocycle, has risen to the challenge by ingeniously integrating insects into the food supply chain. Their innovative approach not only mitigates emissions but also addresses concerns regarding digestibility. Entocycle, now in its ninth year of operation, leverages the nutritive potential of black soldier fly larvae to substitute traditional animal feeds like corn, soy, and fishmeal for poultry and swine.

The decision to focus on poultry and swine, both monogastric animals, aligns with Entocycle’s vision to emulate natural dietary patterns. While these animals have historically been fed agricultural products, the startup acknowledges the evolutionary significance of insects in their diets. At its development facility in London, Entocycle meticulously cultivates black soldier fly larvae, utilizing their voracious appetite for organic waste to convert it into high-quality protein feed. Beyond environmental benefits, this approach holds promise for waste management, offering a sustainable solution to food scraps destined for landfills. Entocycle’s founder, Keiran Whitaker, champions the versatility and ubiquity of black soldier flies, highlighting their capacity to revolutionize animal agriculture while addressing pressing environmental concerns. Moreover, scientific research underscores the manifold advantages of incorporating insect protein into animal diets, from enhancing growth performance to improving meat quality, thus reinforcing the viability of this innovative solution in the quest for sustainable food production.

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