Man Finds Meteorite After Seeing Green Light in the Sky: It was Warm and Burnt and ‘May Be From Halley’s Comet’

In an extraordinary event, Dan Charlton of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, witnessed a green light streak across the sky, followed by a soft “whoosh” sound, as a suspected meteorite plummeted near his home. The sighting occurred in the early hours, with Charlton initially mistaking the vibrant display for a firework. Upon closer observation, the object appeared to burn with a green flame before silently extinguishing. The next day, Charlton discovered a warm, charred rock on a nearby street, which he suspected to be the meteorite. The rock emitted a burnt smell, prompting Charlton to speculate its origin. Research led him to believe it might be debris from Halley’s Comet, adding to the mystique of the encounter.

Eager to validate his find, Charlton consulted a geologist and a professor at the University of Leeds. Initial tests, including a magnet check indicating a light magnetic field, supported the meteorite theory. However, Professor Simon Kelley, an expert in planetary science, expressed skepticism. Upon microscopic examination, Kelley noted the absence of a fusion crust, typical of meteorites, and identified features resembling terrestrial volcanic rocks. Despite this, he acknowledged that some meteorites do not conform to standard characteristics. Kelley planned further detailed analysis to determine the rock’s origin, including slicing and examining the rock’s internal structure. This process would take weeks, after which definitive results would be shared with Charlton, potentially solving the mystery of the warm, burnt rock.

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