Meet The Stunning Kea, The Only Alpine Parrot In The World

Did you know that there is an alpine parrot species, called Kea? It is the only parrot species that lives high in the mountains and it has beautifully colored feathers.
There is so much variety when it comes to birds, and the Kea proves this with its stunning bright colors. The Kea can be found in New Zealand, a land knows for its beautiful surroundings and unique fauna.
It is one of the smartest birds on the planet and unfortunately much wanted by poachers. The Kea is a large, olive-green parrot with amazing scarlet underwings and their name comes from the sound of their cry which resembles the world “kee-ee-aa-aa”.
Like many other species, Kea became an endangered one and there are only around 7000 left of them around the world. But the Kea Conservation Trust is during a great job in raising awareness about the dangers and threats on the lives of these majestic birds and thanks to them they are recognized as the only alpine parrot species.
So, if you ever happen to visit New Zealand, make sure you go bird watching and try to capture the beauty of the Kea on camera.

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