Microplane Spiral Cutter


Does eating vegetables feel like some kind of burden or obligation? The actual taste is not the issue, though some veggies are hard to swallow, but there’s a trick you can resort to in order to make vegetables a desired ingredient to your diet. The secret is to make vegetables or even fruit presentable! At breakfast, lunch or dinner, tackle dishes and recipes with a twist: you can add all kinds of vegetables like zucchini, cucumbers, carrots and parsnips as long as you make them look like other pieces of food. The spiral shape, almost noodle appearance of the vegetables prepared with the Microplane Spiral Cutter will go perfect next to some real pasta and meat. The kitchen tool has 2 barrels, for thin and respectively larger vegetables or fruit. With a soft-grip outer layer you can easily bring fun to dishes right away. Order it from Amazon at only $15 in either black or green.(check for Black Friday)


Amazon – Microplane Spiral Slicer Green


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