Miniature PIZZA OVEN Made From Mini Bricks

If you like miniature modeling, then you surely have an entire collection of tiny objects that you’ve built. Here’s another one to add to your collection, a miniature pizza oven that you can make at home.

How cute is this idea? And what is really cool about this idea is that you will be using real tiny bricks to build it and can even bake pizza when it’s ready.
First, you’ll have to make the foundation of the ovens and create the pillars sustaining the rounded oven, then start placing the bricks one on top of the other.
You can use red clay bricks as they look nice and will give your tiny over a pleasant aspect. So, if you’re into arts and crafts and are equipped with a lot of patience, this is a great project to try one afternoon.
Baking tiny pizzas in your oven afterward will be a very fun activity.

You can find Mini Bricks HERE…

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