Minimalist Modern House Inside a Giant Ancient Rock

Some houses can be categorized more like art pieces rather than living spaces, and this is also the case Amey Kandalgaonkar’s design which was inspired by the Mada’in Saleh rock tombs from Saudi Arabia.
He designed a minimalist house that came together by inserting one piece into the other and placed the whole structure inside an ancient rock. Seen from the front the complexity of the house is hard to observe, but an aerial view of the construction offers a whole new perspective.
He named the piece House Inside a Rock and spent a lot of time working on 3D renderings to develop the concept and have an overview of the result. The uniqueness of the design is conferred by the integration of the construction in the rock and creating the perfect bland, instead of a sudden disruption.
Kandalgaonkar started by creating a 3D rendering of the rock and then inserted the house into parts of it just like a puzzle until the perfect fit and place was finally found. The visual impact is truly amazing, as the complexity and raw surface of the rock, completes the soft and clean lines of the house beautifully.

Amey Kandalgaonkar: Website | Facebook

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