A Modern Take on the Traditional BBQ Grill with the Noori Modular Grill

The Noori Modular Barbecue Grill, particularly the Noori V01 model, stands out as an exceptionally attractive BBQ design that goes beyond conventional grilling capabilities. Its modular components make cooking a diverse range of meals possible, whether over a wood fire or charcoal embers. From juicy ribs and sizzling burgers to hearty pots of chili and wood-fired pizza, the Noori V01 is a versatile cooking solution. Serving as a permaculture vertical stove, BBQ grill, pizza oven, and fire pit, it adapts to various culinary needs and preferences, offering optimized fuel combustion for wood fires. The flexibility of the Noori extends to its mobility, storage, and arrangement, allowing users to easily move and configure the grill based on specific meal requirements or the nature of an event.

This modular barbecue grill enables the use of wood, charcoal, or a combination of both for the barbecue feature, providing users with diverse cooking options. The Noori V01 exemplifies a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, offering a versatile cooking experience that extends beyond the traditional BBQ. Priced at an average of $1,500, the Noori Modular Barbecue Grill represents an investment in quality, design, and the ability to create a wide array of delicious dishes in a single, stylish package.

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