Modular App-Controlled Vertical Garden Stacks Greens Indoors or Out

Hexagro’s latest innovation, the Clovy, presents an ingenious solution for individuals seeking to bring a touch of nature into their homes, even with limited space. This modular, app-controlled vertical garden is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, catering to those with a penchant for gardening but lacking the necessary space. The system offers the flexibility of hydroponics or aeroponics, allowing users to choose their preferred cultivation method. The stackable design enables the garden to grow taller, accommodating the development of users’ green thumbs over time. The pods, where plants are housed, are constructed from recycled materials or agricultural waste, aligning with Hexagro’s commitment to sustainability.

One of the standout features of Clovy is its Internet of Things (IoT) irrigation system, which eliminates the hassle of daily watering. Through a companion mobile app, users gain fine control over the irrigation process, and an AI-powered cultivation assistant named Hexbee guides them through plant care and maintenance. The IoT system allows users to schedule irrigation at specific times and days, optimizing water consumption, reducing waste, and promoting responsible water resource management. Furthermore, the system includes electrical outlets for easy automation and connection to additional electronic devices, enhancing the overall convenience of the vertical garden.

Hexagro caters to different user preferences with the Clovy system, offering a standard version made from 100% recycled plastic in small or large configurations. Additionally, an eco-premium option is available, crafted from upcycled bio-composite materials sourced from agricultural waste. The system features a container base with a low-pressure pump and a two-week water supply, and users receive notifications when the nutrient solution is running low. Each pod can host up to four different plants, providing a versatile and customizable gardening experience. The Clovy is currently seeking production funds on Kickstarter, offering backers the opportunity to secure their own unit with perks starting at €139 (~US$145) for a small standard model or €159 ($165) for a small premium. If the crowdfunding campaign proceeds as planned, shipping is expected to commence in April 2024.

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