Moss’ Self-Watering Lamp Can Grow Plants and Herbs On Its Own While Lighting Up Spaces

California-based startup Moss is pioneering the concept of the first Self-Watering Grow Lamp, poised to revolutionize indoor gardening. Combining functionality with sleek design, Moss’ innovative lamp integrates seamlessly into any space with its minimalist all-white shade. The lamp’s unique design features a built-in watering system at its base, eliminating the need for constant maintenance by users. By projecting a beam akin to natural sunlight, the lamp ensures that plants and herbs thrive day and night, offering a self-sustaining solution for indoor gardening enthusiasts. With customizable water schedules and the use of expanded clay instead of soil, Moss prioritizes organic growth, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Founder Nicolas Riano and Strahinja Spasojević have meticulously crafted Moss’ Self-Watering Grow Lamp to cater to a variety of botanical needs. The device offers a range of light intensities, from Plant Growth to Sunset Glow, accommodating different plant types and lighting preferences. Whether users seek to cultivate herbs, flowers, or other greenery, Moss’ lamp provides the ideal environment for healthy growth. With an upcoming campaign set to launch on April 16th, 2024, Moss aims to introduce its groundbreaking product to a wider audience, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to embrace effortless indoor gardening with the Self-Watering Grow Lamp.

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