A Nonprofit Is Creating Modern Loungers Entirely from Plastic Pulled from Bali’s Waterways

In the picturesque landscape of Bali, the harsh reality of a plastic pollution crisis lurks beneath the surface, overshadowing its natural beauty. With a staggering 1.6 million tons of waste generated annually on the island and the additional burden of debris from neighboring shores, the ecological balance of its waters is under threat. However, amidst this environmental challenge, a beacon of hope emerges as two dedicated organizations join forces to tackle the issue head-on. Through the collaborative efforts of Sungai Watch and Sungai Design, Bali’s waterways are undergoing a transformative journey from polluted to pristine, with reclaimed plastic finding new life as sleek and contemporary loungers.

Sungai Watch initiates the cleanup process by strategically identifying and targeting rivers plagued by pollution, and deploying innovative barriers to capture and contain the waste. Since its inception in 2020, the nonprofit has made significant strides, extracting a remarkable 1,718,562 kilograms of plastic from Bali’s watercourses. Once retrieved and meticulously sorted, the plastic undergoes a metamorphosis at the hands of Sungai Design. Through a sophisticated process of shredding and pressing, the material is molded into large panels, which are then transformed by CNC machines into stylish and functional chairs. Not only do these loungers epitomize modern design, but they also embody sustainability, with each chair repurposing an estimated 30 kilograms of plastic, offering a tangible solution to Bali’s environmental crisis. For those intrigued by the journey from pollution to product, a delve into Sungai Design’s YouTube channel provides an illuminating insight, while the opportunity to support the cause and own a piece of eco-conscious furniture is just a click away.

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