Nonprofit Diverts an Ocean Plastic Tide, Removing 2 Million Pounds of Trash From Waterways

The TerraCycle Global Foundation has achieved a remarkable feat in the battle against ocean pollution by successfully removing over 2 million pounds of waste from rivers, canals, and waterways. The nonprofit organization, founded by TerraCycle, a reputable New Jersey-based company specializing in transforming plastic waste into useful items, has been tackling the issue of ocean pollution at its source—waterways. By focusing on these crucial points where waste enters oceans, the Foundation has diverted and recycled more than 1000 tons of trash, preventing it from reaching and harming marine life. Operating in the canals of Bangkok, Thailand, TerraCycle’s “world-class river waste prevention systems” actively engage with local communities and governments to address the complexity of waste collection before it contaminates global aquatic systems. The Foundation utilizes wildlife-safe river traps to recover waste directly from the water, ensuring proper sorting and recycling of plastics. James Scott, the Executive Director of the TerraCycle Global Foundation, emphasizes their holistic approach, providing stable employment for the local Lat Phrao community in Bangkok while simultaneously creating cleaner and healthier environments along the canal.

The milestone of removing 2 million pounds of trash is seen as just the beginning, with the Foundation committed to expanding its successful canal cleanup model and establishing material recovery centers to further combat ocean waste. In addition to its impactful waste removal initiatives, the TerraCycle Global Foundation is also dedicated to raising awareness and promoting sustainable practices. Last year, the Foundation committed to the Clinton Global Initiative, pledging to replicate and scale its successful canal cleanup model in Southeast Asia. Establishing material recovery centers as central hubs for waste management and educational programs reflects their ongoing dedication to preserving the planet and ensuring a cleaner, healthier future. Notably, TerraCycle’s innovative approach extends to consumer engagement, as evidenced by their cool beaded bracelets, made entirely from diverted litter, which serve as a stylish accessory and contribute to the collection of 20 pounds of plastic waste with each purchase.

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