How to Make Pasta Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

Christmas time is so much fun as it engages creativity and the whole family can come together to work on decorations. If you would like to gather people for fun and low-budget activity, you can invite them over to make Christmas decorations out of pasta. It sounds like a peculiar idea, but you can make beautiful Christmas stars by using pasta, glue, and spray paint.

The pasta snowflakes can take lots of different shapes, just like real snowflakes, all you need to do is use your imagination and buy the right amount of pasta. You can use spiral, rounded ones, and even shell-shaped pasta and start arranging them to create one impressive snowflake.
Once you set up the initial design, you can use glue to hold the small pasta pieces together and spray paint them when they are all set. Use white, golden, silver, or even glittery paint to truly capture the Christmas atmosphere and integrate your new decorations into the whole atmosphere of your home.
This is such a fun activity to do with your children or friends on a chilly weekend while sitting inside and enjoying a large cup of hot chocolate.



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