Photographer Captures A Rare Octopus With Transparent Head

The ocean hides an infinite universe that most probably will never be discovered in its entirety by mankind. Divers and photographers have long tried to capture the hidden gems of the ocean and came back with amazing shots many times.
Blackwater photographers are diving into to deepest corners of the ocean and Taipei-based artist Wu Yung-sen has been doing the same thing for more than 4 years. When deep-diving recently, he encountered a very rare larval Wunderpus octopus and successfully captured it on his camera. The photo shows the transparent head of the octopus, encapsulating its red brain and leaves the viewer speechless.
This rare octopus is still one that puzzles many researchers as it was only discovered in 2006 and there hasn’t been a lot of information about it. Its original name is Wunderpus photogenicus, which means photogenic wonder and no one can argue with this great name.
The species is most common to the Pacific Ocean south of the Philippines and Yung-sen can consider himself one of the luckiest deep divers out there.

Photo: Wu Yung-sen

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