Photographer Travels Europe to Document Incredible Starling Murmurations

Photographer Søren Solkær has embarked on a captivating journey across Europe to document the mesmerizing phenomenon of starling murmurations. Originating from Denmark, Solkær spent several years honing his craft, capturing the intricate formations of these birds in flight. His migration across the continent led him to Ireland, England, the Netherlands, and Italy, each destination offering a unique canvas for photographing the breathtaking spectacle of starling murmurations. The culmination of this extensive project is his upcoming book, “Starling,” a follow-up to the well-received “Black Sun.”

Featuring 138 images, the book delves into the magic and mystery of the birds’ flight patterns, with a new series showcasing Solkær’s passion through detailed photographs of their feathers, captured using light and electron microscopes. Scheduled for release on December 26, “Starling” provides a visual feast for bird enthusiasts and photography connoisseurs alike, offering a unique perspective on the awe-inspiring world of starling murmurations. Simultaneously, Solkær’s photographic journey reaches another pinnacle with his exhibition, “Søren Solkær: Black Sun,” which opened on December 9 at Seattle’s National Nordic Museum.

Marking his first major exhibition in the United States, the showcase will feature over 50 photographs and video art pieces, inviting the public to immerse themselves in the captivating realm of Solkær’s work. Additionally, on December 10, an event will provide an opportunity for the audience to hear the photographer speak about his experiences and insights, adding an enriching dimension to the visual narrative presented in his exhibition.

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