Make Room for Your Kitty in Your Workspace in a Stylish Way With this Desk Nest Cat Bed

Working from home often means enjoying the company of our beloved pets, but accommodating them in our workspace can be challenging. Quantum Mango’s Desk Nest Cat Bed offers a stylish solution to this common dilemma. Designed as a lifestyle upgrade for pet-loving professionals, this innovative piece of furniture provides a dedicated space for your cat without disrupting your workflow. Standing 12 inches tall on a sleek metal base, the round bed can hold up to 25 pounds and rotates a full 360 degrees, ensuring maximum flexibility and comfort for your feline companion.

Setting up the Desk Nest Cat Bed is a breeze, requiring no drilling or permanent modifications to your desk. Simply attach it to the edge, adjust it to your preferred position, and let your cat enjoy its cozy haven. With raised walls and a padded cushion, it ensures both safety and comfort for your pet. Whether you’re a remote worker, student, or gamer, this cleverly designed cat bed keeps your furry friend content while maintaining a tidy and organized workspace. Available in walnut and white oak finishes for $115, it seamlessly blends with any office decor. Already fully funded on Kickstarter within six minutes, this desk accessory has proven to be a must-have for pet owners seeking harmony between work and pet companionship.

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