The Slegoon Is a Caged Snow Sled That Lets The Rider Roll and Continue If Tipped

The Slegoon, a groundbreaking caged snow sled conceptualized by U.K.-based designer Spike Reid, revolutionizes the traditional winter recreational experience. This innovative sled, crowned with the first prize in the UK IOM3 Design Innovation in Plastics competition in 2003, offers an exhilarating twist to the conventional sled design. What sets the Slegoon apart is its ability to keep the rider rolling even if the sled is tipped over. The cleverly designed cage surrounding the sled not only ensures the safety of the rider but also adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the downhill adventure. Unfortunately, despite winning acclaim for its inventive design, the Slegoon remains in the realm of concepts, awaiting the interest and investment of individuals with the financial means to bring this unique and thrilling winter sports device to life.

Spike Reid’s Slegoon stands as a testament to the potential for innovation in the realm of recreational equipment. Recognized for its ingenuity and forward-thinking design, the sled introduces an element of playfulness and dynamism to the experience of sledding down snowy slopes. While the Slegoon’s success in the Design Innovation in Plastics competition highlights its promise, the journey from concept to reality often requires substantial financial backing. As of now, this exceptional sled design remains an untapped source of winter enjoyment, awaiting the day when someone with the resources and vision can bring the Slegoon to the slopes for thrill-seekers to experience firsthand.

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