Smart Contemporary Design Makes This Gorgeous Tiny House Super Comfy

Aussie Tiny Houses has garnered widespread acclaim for its exceptional design and innovative approach to compact living. The Mooloolaba design, in particular, stands out as a masterpiece in the realm of tiny houses, earning the brand international recognition. Renowned for its smart contemporary design, the Mooloolaba strikes a harmonious balance between modern openness and traditional, cozy privacy. The compact version, the Mooloolaba 7.2, is a testament to Aussie Tiny Houses’ commitment to creating supremely comfortable living spaces that cater to a variety of preferences and lifestyles.

Measuring just over seven meters in length, the Mooloolaba 7.2 embodies the essence of spaciousness without compromising on mobility. With a width of under 2.5 meters and a height exceeding four meters, this tiny house is equipped with extra-high ceilings, contributing to a sense of openness and brightness. The thoughtfully designed interior offers generous accommodation, featuring a loft space designed as a master bedroom and a convertible sofa in the downstairs lounge, capable of accommodating two additional individuals. This thoughtful configuration ensures that up to four people can comfortably reside in the Mooloolaba 7.2 without sacrificing any essential amenities, making it suitable for both year-round residency and a luxurious vacation retreat.

Aussie Tiny Houses goes beyond mere housing solutions by offering an array of tiny house trailers and deck trailers that elevate the concept of tiny living to new heights. The Mooloolaba 7.2, starting at AUD 122,900 ($82,700), can be further enhanced with one of the brand’s impressive deck trailers, providing an opportunity to expand the connection with the outdoors. The option of adding a pergola and a pod to the deck trailer exemplifies the brand’s commitment to creating versatile and exciting living spaces that redefine the possibilities of tiny house living.

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