How Switching From a Grid to a Dome Model Helps City Planning for a Sustainable Future

Switching from a traditional grid model to a dome model in city planning, as exemplified by Biotech City, offers profound benefits for creating a sustainable future. Unlike the rigid and often inefficient grid layout, the dome model’s circular and adaptive design allows for organic growth and optimal use of space. This approach enhances flexibility in urban planning, accommodating changes and expansions seamlessly without the constraints typical of grid-based cities. The dome structure itself, inspired by natural protective forms, provides a unique microclimate that can be finely tuned to suit various environmental conditions. This adaptability not only maximizes energy efficiency through integrated solar panels and natural ventilation systems but also ensures resilience against extreme weather events, making the city more sustainable and livable in the face of climate change.

Furthermore, the dome model’s innovative use of hexagonal and pentagonal grids based on Voronoi patterns integrates infrastructure and green spaces more harmoniously than the traditional grid system. This design fosters a human-scale environment, improving the quality of life for residents by ensuring that green spaces and essential services are within easy reach. The seamless blend of architecture, engineering, and biotechnology within the dome structure enhances urban biodiversity and air quality, creating a healthier and more sustainable living environment. By integrating advanced biotechnology systems such as microbial fuel cells and plant photosynthesis for energy generation, Biotech City exemplifies how cities can harness natural processes for sustainability. This holistic approach redefines urban resilience and sustainability, offering a blueprint for future cities to coexist harmoniously with the natural world while addressing pressing environmental challenges.

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