The Roost 36 by Perch & Nest features two bedroom lofts and a large deck made from 100% recycled materials

The tiny house movement gains more and more ground each year and it evolved from a very basic architectural style to more sophisticated and modern ones. Let’s take this next example, a tiny house created by a specialized company called Perch & Nest. The house is called Roost 36 and is made 100% out of recycled materials and with very close attention to details when it comes to its interior. The house is comprised of 2 bedrooms and a large deck and it can cleverly transform into a large living space thanks to its retractable glass screens. Besides this, the large windows and additional skylights will make this house bathe in sunlight. The interior has a bohemian feel with the concrete counter top in the kitchen, the white walls and the retro-looking floors. It is such a beautiful and pleasant mélange that it will instantly catch the eye and make everyone curios about what this tiny house hides inside.

Images © Perch & Nest

Roost36 made its public debut as the featured build at the 2017 Tiny House NC Street Festival and went on to gain international recognition for its unique, yet practical design.

Roost 36 by Perch & Nest

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