This Tiny House Looks Exactly Like NASA’s Newest Project on the Moon

In the ever-growing world of tiny houses, a unique and inspiring addition has surfaced, capturing the attention of design enthusiasts worldwide. This particular tiny house stands out not just for its compact size but also for its striking resemblance to NASA’s 2017 Moon Base of the Artemis Project. The Artemis Pod, as it’s aptly named, draws inspiration from the ambitious goal of landing the first woman and person of color on the moon. Priced at $7,678 on Etsy, this lunar-themed dwelling, made from double-sided PVC-coated polyester, offers 377 square feet of living space. While the cost may seem steep at first, it’s a multifunctional space that could serve as a workout studio, home office, or even a complete home, making it a more budget-friendly alternative to a traditional mortgage.

What sets the Artemis Pod apart is not only its lunar aesthetic but also the opportunity for personalization throughout the construction process. Buyers can choose from five colors (or six, if counting clear) for the PVC outer layer and decide on the type of base, whether it’s a wooden deck, concrete foundation, lawn, or bare earth. The Etsy shop even welcomes additional suggestions for customization. For those in colder climates, thermal insulation can be added for an extra $1,300. The design of the Artemis is a departure from the typical tiny house, featuring a distinctive oval dome supported by a uniquely shaped eucalyptus wood frame. Panoramic windows from every angle give the interior a spacious feel, and with materials built to last for several decades, downsizing in style with the Artemis promises durability and a touch of celestial excitement.

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