10+ Easter Bunny Cake Inspirations


When it comes to Easter, sweets and cakes have an equally important part as the dyed eggs. So to get inspired, take a look at these creative and funny cakes that will help you decorate your own Easter cake. For instance make a cake that has eggs on top and decorate with small fondant flowers. Another great idea would be to bake a cake that has a rabbit decoration on top. You children will surely be excited about this one. As rabbits are a central theme in this holiday, you can make the entire shape of the cake resemble a cute rabbit. Decorate with eggs and carrots on the side. To make it even more original give the cake a carrot flavor. You can also decorate any Easter cake by adding a small egg and a chicken on top. If you are experienced enough in cake decorations you can try and make the chicken look as if it just came out of the egg. You can use different colors of food coloring to make the fondant. Use pale colors as they are in trend this season and create a rainbow cake. As you can see there are a lot of options, some funny, some elegant, but each one delicious and unique in its own way. Try and find one that fits your taste and your skills too.

1. Chocolate buttermilk easter cake


Instructions By Tracey Lau

2. Spring Mardi Gras Easter Cake


By Jane Asher

3. Easter Bunny Cake with Easter Eggs Surrounding


by Brenda T. Baker



By Pink Cake Box



By Sugar Creations

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