15 Insanely Clever Ways To Repurpose Baby Cribs


Thinking outside the box is an attribute of creative minds and that’s exactly what you should be when considering options regarding baby cribs that passed their usage date. When your little one begins requiring his or her own room, the baby crib can be put to proper utility and not be thrown away. You can repurpose the crib into wonderful new things. Here is a list of 15 DIY projects you could mimic in your own home. A kid’s desk might be the first thing you would want to do and probably the easiest. But there are lots of other things you can repurpose your baby crib into, things like a memo board or magazine rack. A reading fort or nook for kids or a porch daybed is suitable but you can use the old crib for a new glass jar chandelier. Chalkboard easel might help your business grow just as well as a wall-mounted drying rack will help around the house. Browse through all of the projects and find the best to implement at home.



1. Pull-a-Picnic Wagon created from an old crib


2. A great use of a crib when it is no longer needed


3. Easy peasy crib spring memo board


4. Old Metal Crib Frame – New Photo Display


5. Reading Nook


6. Mini Day Bed Swing



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