A Cabin In The Redwood Forest


The Cabin inhabits a draw in the redwood forest at The Sea Ranch. Approached from the road below, a path winds through trees up the side of an incline to where the house steps in two directions up the slope. From a porch, which glimpses a view up the center of the draw alongside the house. Stairs ascend inside along the wall towards great panes of glass , which frame a view of massive trunks rhythmically pacing in clusters up towards the far ridge. The high ceiling and position of lights play an important part in making the home a welcoming and comfortable place. Look at the pictures and let yourself engulfed by the beauty and seamless naturalness that comes from this nested forest home.








For more details —> Frank / Architects

9 Responses to “A Cabin In The Redwood Forest”

  1. Mickey Maynard says:

    is this house for sale or for rent?

  2. Dan says:

    It’s beautiful, however I do have a question: where’s the power coming from?

    • mike says:

      probably run underground …The one pic you can see the road..

    • Kelly says:

      Dan I am just a commenter like you but if you look close in the first picture you should notice something does not sit right with the trees and the cabin. Basically what i am saying is this cabin was drawn in to the picture. However I am assuming that solar power could be used on the roof and a battery storage used at night time.

      • Rasputin says:

        Perhaps, Kelly, instead of giving a blind opinion, you should go to the architect’s website that is linked at the end of the photo set. If you don’t know how to click a hyperlink, here’s the actual url: frankarch.com/

      • Penny says:

        Kelly, not enough sunlight would be able to penetrate the trees for solar power.

    • Dusty says:

      the description says, off the grid. meaning it’s prolly wind or solar power

  3. phil says:

    how do I get the blueprint to build one of these?

  4. Rich says:

    Where is the info on this? Just some nice photos and fluffy verbiage. Who makes it? sqr footage, for sale? prefab etc etc etc…

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