Amazing Welding Skills


Giving an awesome look to your pipelines can be an art form. The stuff you see in the pictures may seem like an easy job, but the welders who do that really take their craft seriously. And you can see from the results that this is practiced and perfectioned throughout time. You need to have some good welding skills to turn a bunch of soda can tabs into an impressive show of art like that. 

amazing-welding-skills-1 source

amazing-welding-skills-2 welding art






4 Responses to “Amazing Welding Skills”

  1. K says:

    Soda can tabs? Do you know anything at all about welding?

  2. Riyaz.b says:

    I’m also a welder tat welding teach lots of think I also try to welding like tat

  3. Clifford says:

    The last weld would not pass 3A standards .

  4. Garry Ward says:

    That welding is perfection. It has penetration to a very balanced level. The continuity is also bordering on absolute perfection.
    .The welder is an absolute perfectionist of the first order.
    Clifford’s remarks are the words of a village idiot and absolute fool. Cliffy you need to take up worm farming or the likes that will not tax your little brain to much.

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