Amazing Wooden House-Truck


Ever imagined how awesome it would be to travel around the country and have your cozy accommodation at your side all the time? The truck you see in the photos has been adapted to sustain an entire house made of wood. Not only that, but the home is also self-sufficient. So besides the fact that you can have a car suited for off road voyages, you also have a dwelling which can sustain your living for days on end. The interior design is modern and the wooden theme is present throughout. The kitchen space is minimal but combined with the dining and living area in a nice ambience. The several ceiling windows let plenty of natural light in while the sleeping area is cleverly positioned over the driving seat, letting you rest well after a long drive and an exploration of the surroundings in your adventure.






Commissioned by The Creative Foundation for Tales of Time and Space, Folkestone Triennial
Photos: Wig Worland



  • _Pierre on said:

    What I see is a very well done little cabin on wheels. If this were mine I would say on nice smooth roads certainly not take it on any rough roads, because what I also see is that with all the twisting and flexing things will start to loosen up. I were to build this I would not use a single nail, only screws, but even with that you’ll have issues.

    Another factor here is all the weight. Look at how massive everything is and all those books. All that mass makes it stronger in some respects, but is harmful in others. Just look at the photos. I wonder what this thing weighs. The likely also have cast iron cookware.

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