Artistic Use of Gardening Techniques: Bonsai Miniature Tree


Bonsai represents the artistic use of gardening techniques to develop a tree into a miniaturized version of its counterpart in nature. Bonsai is not a specific type of tree; rather many types of trees go through the gardening process of bonsai. I chose to show you an exemple of this miniature tree from Eve’s Bonsai Tree Starter Kit that includes everything you need to begin. Each Complete Bonsai Starter Kit comes with:

  • Live 2 year old Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree (Outdoor Tree)
  • Ceramic Container
  • Eve’s Special Bonsai Potting Mix
  • Decorative Moss
  • Pebbles
  • Instructions & Bonsai Care Guide

Japanese Juniper is one of the most popular trees for Bonsai because of its compact foliage and easy ability to train branches into popular shapes. Juniper Bonsai will live for many years with proper care. The Japanese Juniper is best suited for patios or outdoor areas with fresh air, good indirect sunlight, and moist watering conditions. The Japanese Juniper is cold-hardy and can withstand temperatures below freezing.

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Summer 2005; this is how it went to the Gingko Award 2005.





11 Responses to “Artistic Use of Gardening Techniques: Bonsai Miniature Tree”

  1. Leighsa says:

    Where can you purchase the Bonsai Miniature trees?

  2. Grant French says:

    What is the tree at the bottom?

  3. Cherryl says:

    The last tree is a Bougainvillea.

    • Bonsai grower says:

      The last tree is a Pithecellobium tortum, known as a Brazilian Raintree, not a Bougainvillea at all. If you click on the picture it tells you.

  4. manali says:

    I want to purchase this trees for planting in ye garder pzz tale me where get it in india pzz reply i am wating

  5. Shafqat Zaman says:

    I can make real mini tree at home and many Mimi tree at my big garden. Save my money.

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