Build a Log Home and Make a Dream Kitchen


Is a log cabin home in your future? The dream of building a log cabin home is something that many people spend much of their lives planning to do when the time is right. If you knew that you could save thousands of dollars by acquiring the logs for your log home wholesale, your plan could become your reality sooner. If the idea of log home living and enjoying the simpler, rustic, country style lifestyle is part of your plan, let us help you build your log home. Wholesale Log Homes is a great company that can assist you with your log purchasing needs – at wholesale prices. What sets our log cabin home construction apart from others is that you can take any floor plan and customize it to your own specifications.

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Ron Wolfe, president of Wholesale Log Homes, is a log pro. Since 1972, he has helped countless numbers of builders and homeowners create beautiful, top-quality log homes and cabins at prices that prefabricated kit sellers simply cannot match. He is a licensed building contractor in North Carolina.

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4 Responses to “Build a Log Home and Make a Dream Kitchen”

  1. Trish says:

    Lovely kitchen! I’d really like to see the layout of the rest of the home. Do you know where I can see more, or find a floor plan as well?

    • Jenny says:

      if you right click on the picture that you are interested in then save it, someplace easy so you can find it right away, then go onto Google click on the tab for “images” then drag and drop your saved image to the search area (where you usually type info in) and it will bring up all photo’s matching that one. You can find more information out that way! Hope that helps you some!

  2. Barbara says:

    I’m with Trish!! I love that kitchen…could only imagine what the rest of the house looks like. Beautiful!!

  3. homes to build says:

    Thanks for the share of useful information.

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