Clever Design of a Multifunctional Sofa

We must consider a number of fundamental issues when choosing a sofa, including functionality that is one of the most important, especially if our lounge has some small size in which case the use of space is crucial.
What do we see: a sofa or a bunk bed? This is a trick question. The geniuses at Bonbon have a treat for you: multifunctional sofa bunk bed. This is their most popular and recent innovation dedicated to those who love modernism mixed with practicality or even for those who live in tight spaces. It’s not only an ordinary sofa, it’s also a comfortable bunk bed. The convertible sofa is the best choise for maximizing our modern space! I would love to read your opinion about this sofa…if are good or needs some improvements… the comments below or find us on Facebook.

13 Responses to “Clever Design of a Multifunctional Sofa”

  1. S goodman says:

    This is a really great innovation. Now if it is lighter than a sleep sofa I would buy one in a heartbeat. So many places to use it. Dorm rooms, guest bedrooms,tv room, even living room… This is a spectacular design with amazing engineering! Now where can I get one?

  2. Were can I get one

  3. amanda says:

    Where can I find this and what’s the average cost!!!

  4. Christine says:

    Awesome design. Is the cover removable and washable?

  5. Mari'an says:

    This bunk bed sofa is really impressive! Compliments to the designer

  6. olga lucia gutierrez says:

    quisiera saber en Colombia donde puedo comprar este lindo sofa camarote

  7. Lindelize says:

    Where can I find this

  8. nelcy says:

    donde consigo este hermoso mueble???

  9. vinoth(india) says:

    How much it cost

  10. Diana Gonzalez says:

    Hello! I want where I could buy this sofa in Mexico because the houses here are so small. and it´s important to reduce spaces.
    and How much this funiture.

    thanks for you.

    Sincerely Diana G.

  11. James says:

    How much is the sofa what goes into a beds

    Where u base uk

  12. Nancy DeArmond says:

    Where can the sofa to bunks beds be found and the cost?

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