Contrabajo Mueble Bar – Elegant and Classic Bar Cabinet


If you are looking for an original model of a classic bar, the “Contrabajo Mueble Bar” can be the solution. In the violin family (consisting of violin, viola, cello and contrabass), the contrabass is the largest. It has a very hard sound that resembling the roar of a bear. However, this contrabass has a secret inside. Designed by PortobelloStreet, this is a bar cabinet that has 170cm of height and 65cm of width. It offer a secret storage where you can put your wine and whiskey in a classic cabinet. This piece is so elegant that all your guests will think you have begun a journey into the world of music. Simply superb. The bar is made of natural wood and non-toxic finishes, it’s available in many colors and shades. Pure luxury for your living room.






The price for this product is available  here …

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  1. Peggy Lowe says:

    I love the bar cabinet and would like a quote. Pls advise. Delivery time also. Where can I go to get this info?

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