Two in One Convertible Bench and Picnic Table


Simply clever, this ingenious convertible bench and picnic table meet our needs for rest and relax. Designed to convert from picnic table in a garden bench, this “two in one” can be a good solution for your home. One of the manufacturers of this “2 in 1” is the company Aras Jayasentosa, that use mahogany wood and material with good quality finishes, and that can deliver in Europe and Asia. For U.S we found an option on Amazon right here.






Also PDF instructions here…

5 Responses to “Two in One Convertible Bench and Picnic Table”

  1. I would love a price in this and if you can get then in australia please

  2. Melody Slone says:

    Was disappointed there was no price listed on the convertible bench. :((

    • Kasulis customs wood shop says:

      Due too material options and price changes and this only being a site meant to share the plans to build such item.

      I would imagine the designer left out the price because different materials can be used and from different areas of the world.

      If using 5/4″ thick x 6″ wide Cedar boards at roughly $1 U.S. dollar per foot and using stainless fasteners costing roughly $20-$30…

      I would see this costing just to buy materials roughly $300.00 give or take depending on location and materials used. I hope this helps…

      Great idea and I thank the creator for sharing such brilliance!

  3. Jason Hutchison Sr says:

    I would like the llans to, I could not find a link at the shortcut made!

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