DIY Colored Pencil Jewelry


Here is a creative idea, which we are sure all our female readers will love. Ladies, we are going to show you how to make a fashionable necklace out of pencils.
You will need pencils (several colors), a cutter, a drill and a thread. First of all start by purchasing some colored pencils, the more colorful the better. Then with a cutter, cut the end part of the pencil as thick as you want your „pencil-beads” to be. When you have enough beads for your necklace, just take each one and drill a hole into the middle part of the “pencil-bead”. Now all you have to do is arrange the colors one after another the way you like and put the beads in the thread. You can also use a ribbon instead of a thread, it’s your choice. And that is all, a really simple and great looking necklace, which will surely turn some heads.

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