DIY Cute Plastic Bottle Project


Any DIY practitioner knows that materials used in handmade projects are plenty and hard to keep organized sometimes. This is the case especially if you’re dealing with sewing. So that’s why we suggest you make this awesome and adorable pin cushion chair. It will help you keep at least your needles and pins in check. Here is the list of items required in the small DIY project:

• a PET bottle;
• a pair of scissors OR a cutter;
• a large piece of foam;
• a bunch of buttons;
• some black fabric;
• glue;
• more colorful patterned fabric;


First, cut the bottle in the design shown here. Then, glue the black fabric onto the edges of the freshly cut PET. Prepare 3 circles of foam for the seat and 2 smaller ones for the back of your pin-cushion chair. Sew the patterned fabric over the pieces of foam and hide the stitch under a button. Place the seating inside the bottle and glue the back onto one of the larger `towers`, which now acts like the back of the chair. Take each `hand` of the pin chair, fold them outward in half and stick them to the rest of the PET. Attach a small piece of fabric with a button outside it. Done! You now have a special helper that will make sure all of your future DIY sewing work is done with ease.

Image credit: Ana Maria Moraes Carvalho




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  1. alka says:

    very beautiful and very creative

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