DIY Decoration For Your Room With Masking Tape


We will show you a great trick today. It is cheap and very easy, so don’t worry if you are clumsy, this project is very easy to make.
We are going to show you how to decorate plain looking objects with masking tape, to give them a makeover. So let’s take for instance a simple white vase and redecorate it. Masking tape can come in a variety of colors, be sure to choose the ones which look good with the rest of the decorations in your room. Just take the decorating tape and stick it on wax paper and slice it into strings. You can also slice it into geometrical shapes if you want. You can also use a pair of scissors if you want to cut out bigger shapes. Then just apply these shapes on the white ceramics and there you have it: a nice and new decoration for your room.
Source: HowAboutOrange blog
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