DIY Eggshell Mosaics


Ever wanted to be an artist? Now you have the chance! With this DIY project, you are going to put your artistic skills through a test. See exactly how you can make a mosaic and still don’t require years practice in that. We will show you a nice trick you can implement on a mosaic painting made from eggshells. First, you will have to make sure the following list of materials is present in your home:

• a bunch of eggshells;
• some decoupage paper;
• a pair of scissors;
• a brush;
• some glue;
• a piece of wood panel;
• some white paint;


Sure you remember some craft classes from school. This is similar to that but only it’s called DIY work. Making the beautiful mosaic requires you first choose the picture that will be on the decoupage paper. After this, it’s very easy to make the whole thing look like a real mosaic painting. Just apply the eggshells to the piece of wood panel with the help of glue. Make your pieces smaller to make the final product look more detailed. When you finished sticking the shells to the panel, give it a coat of white paint. Then stick the decoupage paper onto it and your work is done! Put it up on the wall or gift it to someone you care enough to spend time and patience manufacturing a unique mosaic painting from eggshells.







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2 Responses to “DIY Eggshell Mosaics”

  1. haris says:

    painting on eggshell media

  2. Raúl says:

    Buen tutorial, enseñanza muy sencilla, fácil de llevar a cabo. Gracias por la instrucción.

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