DIY Fire Pit & Patio Project


Improving the design of your yard might not necessarily mean gardening. Most often, people look at a yard from a utilitarian perspective. That’s why a fire pit is probably chosen over a nice flower garden. And truly every person should do whatever they want with their propriety. But in order to make these DIY projects look good and impressive, we offer our help through the internet. Here is how to build a 44-inch diameter pit. The pictures will help in this tutorial. Grab the following materials:

• a wooden stake and some string;
• a shovel;
• a steel rake;
• crushed stone;
• coarse sand;
• a bunch of fire pit blocks;
• a stack of brick pavers;
• a rubber hammer;
• a thin piece of wood;
• concrete adhesive or cement;
• patio furniture;

Use the stake and string attached to it in order to make a perfect circle and outline the pit you are about to make. Dig out about 12 inches of soil. Then, spread out a layer of 5 inches of crushed stone. The steel rake is perfect for this. Check to see if the layer is level. Next, add 2 inches of coarse sand. Level with care because it will determine how the final patio will look. Start with outlining the fire pit (with fire pit blocks) and work from the center outward with the pavers.

Here’s a nice hint: divide the circle into equal parts. This will make the brick pavers be placed in equal spacing in each section and give the final design a much more neat look. Tap down the pavers with the rubber hammer. Use a thin piece of wood to make sure they are well spaced. There has to be spaces in between because you will pour – well, not pour, but brush – sand over it to hold them in place. Only do this after you have glued the fire pit blocks together on top of each other. Leave the structure to settle for an entire day. Place the patio furniture and you’re ready to go!

source: Fire Pit & Patio Project

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  1. Stuber says:

    In the first paragraph, fourth sentence, I think you meant to say, “…do whatever they want with their property.” I believe “propriety” is a typo – it doesn’t make sense here.

  2. xman says:

    Good work Sherlock. You must be really fun at parties.

  3. J Q public says:

    The Grammar Nazi have struck

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