DIY Light Bulb Snowman


A snowman can be hard to make, mainly if you don’t have snow or an ability to work in freezing temperatures. There is a solution to put into practice if your situation doesn’t meet the above mentioned requirements. Light bulb snowman is something you need to try and make, especially if you want a nicely decorated holiday.

light bulb;
• alcohol;
white acrylic paint;
• sock;
• buttons;
• scissors;

The process is easy and you need to begin with rubbing alcohol on the light bulb. This will make the white paint stick to it much better. Let it dry. Apply another coat of paint, if you like. Cut the sock in a manner you can manufacture a hat for your little snowman. You attach the winter accessory to the top via a toothpick inserted into the muff, and covered with glue so the hat doesn’t fall off. Use the same glue on the belly of the snowman, where you place a couple of toothpick hands and nose, some buttons and a mitt or scarf. Draw eyes on your snowman and use the ribbon to knot a hanger. There you have it: your own little light bulb snowman.





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8 Responses to “DIY Light Bulb Snowman”

  1. melissa says:

    we make these too i cut a foam or cardboard circle with an x in the center and place a soda cap on top and clue in place it makes a cute hat to paint and decorate

  2. I’ve painted light bulbs before and they were fun to do. they make great gifts.

  3. sherry logan says:

    just take light bulb paint browm then take brown pipe cleaners around the socket part to form antlers paint on eyes and red dot for nose then u have rudolf, u can also do penguins

  4. Marianne says:

    Hi, These are cute.. I’ve been making them for 12 years My first ones were pretty rough as there weren’t many patterns to go by. So i got creative and now today i make everything from Santa and Mrs. to chocolate labs and Polar bears reindeer and Penguins even Whinny the Poo and the Grinch ♥ I Love doing them the most i’ve ever made in selling them was $40 for 1 bulb it was a big round bathroom bulb painted blue and i painted Whinny’s 100 acre woods. I have Bulbs in Australia and Austria Germany and Hawaii England USA and Here in Canada. Everyone in my family expects one every year. My suggestion to you all in trying these mount a doweling rod in front of you and use pipe cleaners on the silver screw cap to hang them for drying I do 14 at a time I always Base coat them white at lease 2 coats – it helps to insulate the glass from dropping and breaking the more layers the better .. be creative and Have Fun !

  5. Varinia says:

    These are so cute and what a great way to recycle blown out light bulbs. I will be making some of these. We are always blowing out bulbs and we just throw them away. Thanks for sharing this neat idea.

  6. Rhonda gragg says:

    I love the ideas

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