DIY Low Cost 55 Gallon Drum Planters


Having a superb and beautifully looking garden implies some efforts especially in the decorating area. There is an abundance of products out there which can give you a help in making the outdoor portion of your residence a true delight to spend time in. But not all of the times, a bunch of money can buy the aesthetic outcome you desire. That’s why DIY alternatives are always at your disposal to make things a lot easier. A plastic barrel turned into a lovely outdoor planter sounds lovely. Also, there isn’t anything complicated about this DIY project. You just stick the wooden boards on the exterior of the barrel, decorate the top a bit and fill it with soil and obviously – a plant of your choosing. Check out what a nice result you could also have. Follow the photo-tutorial and improving your garden will sound like the easiest job in the future.

Step 1: Source a plastic barrel


Step 2: Cut barrel



Check out in the link below all the steps…(15 steps)


Stylish and Low Cost 55 Gallon Drum Planters by noahw


  • The wheels are already turning to expand this great idea! So many different coverings I could use – like the bamboo mat I bought for laying in the sun that was $3. I think I’ll try potatoes in one – probably a white one since I start them in the bottom third of the container and add soil as they grow. White will reflect more sun.
    I’ve seen these barrels for sale. Anyone have ideas about where to get them for free?

    • One thing to keep in mind if using white barrels is that many are made without UV inhibitors and will get weak and brittle if exposed to the elements for a year or two. In the past I have done a lot of projects using poly-drums and have found a circular saw is the fastest and easiest tool for cutting a barrel in half. Just plunge cut and roll the barrel toward you following the line you have drawn. two seconds and you have two halves.
      You also want to be mindful of what any used barrels may have contained. I got many for free from a custom chemical blending company I worked for but many suppliers require a thirty to forty dollar deposit on each. While that is great for inspiring reusing and recycling it is not so great for us who wish to re-purpose them. You just have to be patient and keep looking to find a source of cheap or free barrels. They are out there still.
      Hope I was able to give you some useful information.
      Good luck and have fun with your project.

    • go and see someone who installs & services fire suppression systems or the fire brigade. Fire fighting foam comes in these sort of drums

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